General Policies


When you make an appointment, that time is reserved solely to focus on you and your care. It is not available to any other patients. Should you miss an appointment, our doctor will attempt to contact you to make certain you are all right, and to reschedule.

Any no-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged at the normal rate for the given visit.

CPT codes

Insurance companies use specific codes, called CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, to determine billing and repayment.  So that you may use our Superbills for insurance reimbursement, our billing team tirelessly remains on top of the latest changes to these codes to ensure the maximum repayment for your out of pocket expenses.  Some CPT codes will be listed on your bill without an associated charge and are used for documentation or record keeping purposes.  Please note that you should never be surprised by a charge – if something does not look correct on your bill, please call me so that we can discuss and potentially remove it!

Forms of Payment

Our practice accepts payment in the form of Flex Saving Account(FSA), Paypal, Monero, Check, Cash or credit card.  Even if you choose to pay for your routine visits with check, you will still need to leave a credit card on file with our office. This card will never be charged without your knowledge, and will be used for such eventualities as missed appointments or returned checks.

We only accept Cash or Monero for our adult Maximum Privacy Clients, but are willing to accept  Credit Card or Cash for child Maximum Privacy Clients. You must leave a credit card on file, even if you are a Maximum Privacy Client. If Maximum Privacy Clients do not pay their dues in 30 days, the credit card on file will be charged.


Brief documentation is not charged. This may include one-page letters of various sorts.
More extensive documentation (including disability paperwork) is charged per page, but don’t worry – all fees will be discussed before you are charged.

CPT: 90855/90889

Are there ways to make services more private?

At our initial phone contact with us, you can request to be a Maximum Privacy Client. We are able to take extra special measures to guide your privacy and anonymity. We accept payment through cryptocurrency called Monero which is based on absolute privacy. Additionally, we utilize GoodRx as an alternative to your insurance for you to be able to fill your medications. For more details see our privacy page.