Maximum Privacy Clients

What is maximum privacy clients?

For those that request, we can register your account as a maximum privacy client. There are no digital record of your evaluation or follow up visits kept for our maximum privacy clients including for payment, insurance or medications. This is ideal for clients desiring maximum level of anonymity for their mental health treatment.

Why would I want to be a maximum privacy client?

We offer privacy for our addiction clients, adult and children’s.

For people suffering from addiction, they may wish for no digital records to be kept for their treatment. Clients with high level of responsibilities may also wish for digital records to be not created because of audits from work or legal reasons.

For children being treated many parents often wish anonymity for their childs mental health record. The parents may wish for childs mental health history to not affect the child adversely in the future such as job opportunities.

Even general psychiatry clients may want to be a privacy about their mental health due to worries about digital health records being target of hackers and thieves. Additionally, anonymity of mental health records may prevent clients from being discriminated against when applying for disability insurance and life insurance companies

How do I pay for sessions if I am a maximum privacy client?

Payment for our adult maximum privacy clients is only through Monero or Cash. For children patients, we are willing to accept visa/mastercard as an alternative to Cash and Monero. Credit card must be kept with our office, even if you are a Maximum Privacy Client. Payments overdue more than 30 days will be charged by credit card on file.

See here on how you can sign up and get Monero to pay for your sessions. We can also work with you to do an evaluation and follow up through cash payments, but that will require making a 6 month retainer payment for treatment.

How will I pay for medications if I am not using insurance?

It is very possible to avoid insurance and get excellent rates for medications by using You can even compare rates for your current medications through your insurance and GoodRx to see how they compare.

Are the policies different and procedures different for maximum privacy clients?
Yes, the policy and procedure is a bit different. When you call us initially to book your appointment please let us know that you are a maximum privacy client and we will guide you.

One of the biggest differences is that communications and records sent/received from you.

Are there any limits to anonymity for maximum privacy clients?

There are certain scheduled medications that government highly regulates and a record is created on state drug registry if these are written for(e.g Suboxone, Adderall). While we can keep no digital records, not generate insurance records and hide payments, the government tightly controls and monitors these medications.

There are many equally effective treatments that can be used which do not create government registries. We are experts in utilizing treatment methods that can help you while giving you maximum anonymity. If for some reason you wish to be transferred from a maximum privacy client to a regular client for use of scheduled controlled medications, we can do that at any time.