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Varity of Treatment Options To Fit Everyone’s Needs 

Attention Disorders

Our team of adult, family and child psychiatrist at Garden Psych are located in Princeton, NJWe offer a variety of treatment options include naturalistic treatment, talk therapy and medication management. We treat a variety of conditions including Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Disorders. Our aim is work collaboratively with our clients to achieve success drawing on the extensive training and experiences of our doctors.   We are led by Hasan Memon M.D. He is double board certified in Addiction Medicine and in General Psychiatry. He did his Child & Adolescent Fellowship at Dartmouth and Penn State. He completed his psychiatry residency in Eastern Virginia Medical School, getting the highest scores in his class on psychiatry boards. He is an assistant professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr Memon has won awards for his teaching in Psychiatry. He has multiple publications in ADHD, Autism and Bipolar Disorder.  His hobbies are Tai Chi, chess, and computers.


Nonjudgmental, comprehensive and scientific based treatments by experienced doctors

From the moment patients get an initial evaluation to follow-up appointments, Dr. Memon and his team take the time to establish a welcoming experience for patients. We want our patients to know they are in a judgment-free zone. Due to stereotypes surrounding mental health, people struggling with these issues often don’t seek treatment. The sooner that people begin treatment for addiction or mental health issues, the sooner they can begin to develop healthy lifestyle changes and receive customized treatment. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment in mental health. We take the time to listen to our patient and their families concerns to develop customized treatment that meets their individual needs. With 10+ years of experience managing all psychiatric conditions and excellence and mastery of psychopharmacology and drug interactions, the team at Garden Psych has successfully treated the most difficult and refractory of all psychiatric pathologies.

Diverse services with individualized care

Dr. Hasan Memon treats patient with psychiatric concerns such as Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, ADHD and OCD. He offers a wide array of treatment including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a scientifically proven form of “talk therapy,” as well as psychopharmacology, which involves administration of medications designed to modify behavior and moods. While some patients are treated with both talk therapy and medications, others prefer one modality or the other alone. As a board certified psychiatrist, Dr Hasan Memon is thoroughly trained in modern techniques of both treatment approaches.

Dr Memon did his Child & Adolescent Psychiatry training at Dartmouth and Penn State. He completed his psychiatry resident from Eastern Virginia Medical School. His medication school education was completed in England, United States and Grenada through the Keith B Taylor Global Scholars Program. Dr Memon is a native of New Jersey and completed his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Monmouth University. He is board certified in psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He also is board certified in addiction medicine. He continues to pursue additional higher levels of training and is certified in the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of depression.

  naturalistic treatment

Holding a faculty appointment as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry in Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, doctor Memon is responsible for teaching of medical personnel. He frequently gives lectures to medical students, residents and the public. His work has led him to received the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow Ambassador Grant in 2019. He has also received awards for teaching including Outstanding Teacher Award in Psychiatry by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. During his training Dr Memon has won many awards including 1st Place In PRITE Examination Award at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Best Resident Attendance Award at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Psychodynamic Conference Travel Grant at Virginia Psychoanalytic Society. He was also giving awards during his training for research he conducted by Psychiatric Society of Virginia.

Testimonial Expertise in Family Matters

Dr. Memon is also recognized as an expert witness by the New Jersey court system. He has testified dozens of times in the New Jersey court system as an expert witness. His expertise in Child & Adolescent psychiatry has led to him to develop expertise in working with divorce conflict and its impact on children. He has worked  extensively with New Jersey Division of Child and Families, the Office of Parental Representation of the Office of Public Defender and for private attorney’s. Judges have selected him to be the final arbiter in parental capacity assessments. Dr. Memon’s background in addiction, adult psychiatry and child psychiatry has served many families as a valuable resource for determining parenting capacity and custody.