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What are other ways to contact you? 

  • Office: 609-601-4161 
  • Fax: 609-534-2870
  • E-mail:

What are your business hours?

BUSINESS HOURS are 9AM – 9PM Monday to Friday and 10AM-10PM on Saturday, and 10AM-6PM on  Sunday

What do if there is an emergency with my child?

If your child is having thoughts of hurting him or herself, dial 211 or take them to the emergency room immediately. 

If your child is not suicidal or homicidal, but requires urgent attention contact Mobile response at: 1-877- 652-7624. 

For longer term support as a parent, call the MOM2MOM support hotline at 1-877-814-6662.

How do I get my medications refilled?

Use the medication refill page to get medications refilled or dial our main office number. 

Do you take Medicare, Medicaid or insurance? 

Garden Psych is a fee-for-service practice and does not participate with insurance plans, Medicare or Medicaid.  After many years of experience in providing services under managed mental health care plans, we have concluded that it is not in the best interest of our patients to contract with third party payers. Managed mental health care companies often dictate amount of time and frequency of therapy that therapists are able to provide. We do accept HSA & FSA.

Who can I talk to if I am having thoughts about hurting myself?  

If you are having intense thoughts of hurting yourself dial 211 or go to the emergency room immediately for evaluation. There are some important numbers to put in your phone if you are having thoughts about hurting yourself.