Are you worried about the impact of divorce on the kids? Are you struggling in your relationship and don’t know what to do? Are you overwhelmed and scared going through divorce? With compassion and understanding gained from experience, we help clients discover new ways to resolve challenges and bring peace into their lives.

How does divorce impact life?

Going through divorce can lead to increase stress, depression and anxiety. Divorce can be a long and drawn-out legal process with mutual blame casting. Additionally, divorce can lead to social isolation if you had same friend set as your couple. There is also the division of parenting responsibilities that occur and the challenge of co-parenting to help your children develop in a healthy manner.

When should I seek help?

Ideally you should seek help when you start to feel overwhelmed. Divorce can have an impact on your children and an evaluation can help your child deal with anxiety and depression of parents going through divorce. Additionally, you can benefit from evaluation and treatment to allow you to function during a divorce for example at work. Our clients report that once their anxiety and depression were treated, they were able improve at work, yell less at their children, and became physically healthier.

How can Garden Psych help?

Dr Memon is a psychiatrist who treats children and adults going through divorce. By treating underlying anxiety and depression in our clients, we can help them think clearly about divorce. When emotions get in the way, there could be a high level of legal cost associated with divorce. Additionally, by treating anxiety and depression we can often help our clients become better parents by decreasing the stress associated with co-parenting. We can also help treat children by helping them have less anxiety about the divorce process, allow improvement in grades and better deal with change.

What are the treatments options?

Anxiety and depression can be treated with multiple modalities including:

Treatments are individualized and unique. Are your evaluation, Dr Memon will discuss you the specific treatment that can best help you and your family navigate through the divorce process more successfully.

For navigating through your divorce with more peace make an appointment contact us at 609-601-4161