What psychiatric conditions do you provide treatment for?

Autism and Asperger’s

Behavioral Dependence


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Panic Disorder

Excessive Internet Use In Children

Child School Consultation

Divorce conflict

Death and dying in family

Low School Grades / Standardized Tests

Overeating / Weight Loss

Capacity Evaluations

Are these the only psychiatric conditions you provide treatment for? 

We provide treatment for a full spectrum of psychiatric conditions ranging from child to adult psychiatry. Our psychiatrist have training in adult and child psychiatry, dealing with wide range of conditions and treatment modalities. You can give us a call at 609-601-4161 to ask questions about a specific condition you are seeking treatment for.

My child is too hyperactive and won’t stay seated. Can you evaluate him/her?

When doing an evaluation of a child, it is a combination of interviewing the parent and the child. The evaluation is also based on a review of medical records. We can do observation of the child through the computer even if they are hyperactive. We can also have you hold your child in the lap while examining your child. We also have different techniques we use to help the child stay seated during the interview. Having your child draw for example or play with toys during the interview also gives valuable insight to the clinician doing the evaluation. If your child is too hyperactive to draw or be held in the lap, sometimes we will ask you to take your laptop and show us your child a s/he is running through the house. We may also ask you to interact with your child in an activity to hold your child’s attention while observing your child’s interaction. 

Do you provide non-medication treatments?

It is possible to treat certain conditions without using medications and only using talk therapy with natural supplements. Our physiatrist can help guide you in using non-medication treatment. However, for best results, usually it is a combination of medication and non-medication treatments that works best.