Initial Visits

YOUR FIRST VISIT ACTUALLY BEGINS BEFORE YOU EVEN STEP FOOT IN THE OFFICE. After contacting our team(609-601-4161), you will be given an intake form. This is a comprehensive diagnostic form developed to get a detailed insight into your background and history. Our doctors will also send you some scientifically validated, standardized screening instruments (all free of charge) to ensure the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.  Your doctor will review all of this information before your visit, so it is imperative to have completed and faxed this information to us by then (ideally greater than 24 hours before). Our fax number is 609-534-2870. YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL TYPICALLY LAST ABOUT 90 MINUTES.   The appointment starts by clicking on the link at your scheduled time.  The initial visit can be broken up into smaller chunks (for example, many parents prefer to visit for half an hour to an hour first, before bringing their child, to evaluate the clinic setting).  Our psychiatrists will meet directly with you and / or your family for the entire session – you will not be shuttled between multiple assistant providers and social workers, unlike other practices! AT THE END OF THE VISIT, YOU AND YOUR DOCTOR WILL DISCUSS YOUR DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PLAN.   Any medications or prescriptions will also be provided at this time.  If your doctor wants any further evaluations or tests (blood work, consultation with your physician, etc), this will also be discussed.  Our doctors leave ample time for conversation during this process, as your understanding of the diagnosis and plan is paramount.  Feel free to ask any and all questions you might have, and if you remember something later, call us back – we want to make certain that you have a clear view of the plan we create together. WRITTEN REPORT After your visit, your doctor will create a written evaluation and report.   Some of the information within this report will be subject to various confidentiality laws, so if you want a copy please request one well in advance so that our team has time to prepare it appropriately. CPT CODE: 90792