Medication Management

Talk Therapy and Prescription Medication

Our  Princeton, NJ based psychiatric team at Garden Psych is a highly trained in clinical pharmacology. We collaborate with our patients and their families to develop effective medication regimen together. We strongly believe in showing warmth and compassion in designing of our treatment plan, no matter what our patient is struggling with.

When cognitive behavioral therapy is combined with medications, it most effective in treatment of depression, anxiety and mood disorders. We at Garden Psych have expertise in treating children because of our extensive training and experience in Child Psychiatry. Our team has treated thousands of patients struggling with ADHD, depression, binge eating disorder by combining counseling with behavior modifying medication.

Among The Mental Health Medication We Prescribe At Garden Psych are

  • Benzodiazepine and beta blockers for anxiety management
  • Antidepressants
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Bipolar Medicines
  • ADHD Medications

We provide a No-Pressure Environment To Discuss All Treatment Options With Your Medical Doctor

You will never feel pressure to add a prescription medication to your treatment. We try to avoid using controlled substances that create dependence for patient whenever possible, due to the strong emphasis on addiction in our practice. If you choose pharmacological support, we will explain all details of your medication and how it works. If you are a patient at Garden Psych, you can always contact us to ask questions regarding your medication. Through psychotherapy and medication, our team of psychiatrist will lend you support you need to go further in life.

For learning more about medical treatment using medications for improving mental health give us a call at 609-601-4161.