How can I get better with time management if I have ADHD?

  • Use clocks – Use a wrist watch and have clocks in the house to help you keep track of time.
  • Use Count Down Timers – Use count down timers is an important way to motivate yourself. If your watch has count down timer, use it to set a time limit for yourself to do certain tasks.
  • Use repetitive timers – For tasks that are going to take longer period of time you can use repeat timers at regular intervals. The repeat times can keep track of how much productivity you are making.
  • Give yourself more time – People with ADHD underestimate time it takes to complete tasks. Give your self more time to complete tasks. For every 30 minutes you think it will take to complete a task, add another 10 minutes.
  • Be early with timers – Set reminders for appointments at least 15 minutes before they actually are. The early time reminder is to ensure you leave on time and are not struggling to find things at the last minute.
  • Learn To say “No” – Impulsiveness in ADHD can lead people to overcommit to things. You can take on too many projects, social engagements or work commitments. Learning to say “no” is a shield that protects you from getting overwhelmed when you have ADHD.

How can people with ADHD get organized more easily?

  • Make time everyday for organization at the start of your day. It can be only 5 minute or 10 minutes, but make time to clear your desk and organize.
  • Using colors and lists can be helpful in managing ADHD. Colors and lists can help you more easily keep track of things. Try to manage your forgetfulness by jotting things down

What are ways adults with ADHD can stay on top of bills?

  • Autopay – Patients struggling with ADHD can sometimes forget to pay their bills, resulting in penalties. It is important to setup automated bill pay for your credit cards and mortgage payments.
  • Payment Alerts – You can also setup automatic alerts for every time your credit card is used, so there is no searching for unauthorized card use on your monthly bills. As soon as you used your credit card, payment alerts will let you know how much was charged and where it was charged.
  • Go paperless  – You can also set up electronic payment, to make it easier to track of documents.
  • Create a filing system –  To not get overwhelmed by bills that come in the mail, you must also set up a folder system with dividers.

Does sleep affect my ADHD?

It is very difficult for people to focus if they are sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation is the #1 cause of poor memory. Adults need 8 hours of sleep and teenagers needs between 9 to 10 hours of sleep. The deficits in sleep are cumulative, meaning they build up over the week. Getting one good night of rest is not enough to bring back your focus if you have been depriving yourself of sleep for the past couple of days.

Can exercise help with ADHD?

Exercise is very important for your body and for your mind. Research has shown that exercise can also help with increasing focus and concentration, in addition to lowering stress.

What are ways patients with ADHD can avoid distraction?

  • Create a space – where you work matters with ADHD. You need to create a space separate from where you have fun. Try to find a quiet space that is an empty conference room, lecture hall or conference room.
  • Let others know – If you are going to be working, let others know that you need to concentrate.
  • Minimize external triggers –  Move your desk to have it face the wall and don’t clutter your work space. Hanging a “do not disturb” sign is also helpful to avoid distractions. Don’t pick up your phone and put the ringer on “do not disturb” as well. Noise cancelling headphones and sound machines are also helpful in blocking out noise.
  • Write down big ideas for later – People with ADHD can be very creative. They can be curious about learning many things. When you get one of those great ideas, write it down for after you finish work.

 How can patients with ADHD improve their memory?

Patients with ADHD struggle with remembering this. This core deficit in ADHD is known as working memory. Electronic systems that can be helpful in remembering to do things include

  • Electronic Reminder systems – Can be helpful in setting up reminders of tests, quizzes, or work assignments coming up in a short period of time
  • Calendar systems – It is important for patient with ADHD to have a Calendar based system to keep track of longer assignments. Patients with ADHD can struggle in terms of being so focused on short term tasks that they can miss important deadline for long term tasks

 What kind of software can be useful for adult patients with ADHD?

  • WatchMinder
  • MotivAider
  • MY tiny REMINDER
  • Google Keep
  • do
  • EverNote