What causes autism?

There are many environmental and genetic reasons for the possible cause of Autism. There isn’t a single answer to this question, as there is a spectrum of causes. One reason that may cause autism is the father’s increasing age at the time of conception. Another reason behind autism could be exposing the fetus to certain agents, such as valproic acid and infectious agents. Genes can also be responsible for causing autism.

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Do we know what causes autism in each individual?

We cannot know for sure the cause behind every individual’s autism. What we do know is that genetics is responsible for causing autism in the vast majority of people diagnosed with ASD. We also know that a child’s genetic vulnerabilities could be new to them or that they could be the result of a family’s collective inheritance of sub-threshold features. This is true for other mental health conditions such as ADHD, Depression and Anxiety as well.

Do vaccines cause autism?

Vaccines are not responsible for causing autism. The research study that previously suggested so was proved to be fraudulent. In fact, the author of the research study that blamed vaccines for autism had his medical license revoked. Moreover, ‘Thermisol’, a component of vaccines that was thought to be responsible for causing autism, was removed in 1992. Yet, autism rates have only been seen to be increasing ever since.

What are common myths about cause of autism?

Bad parenting nor brain damage can be attributed responsible for causing autism. Vaccines and diet are two more factors that cannot be held responsible for causing autism.

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Could genetics be responsible for autism?

Genetics plays a great role in autism. In fact, genetics play a more significant role in autism than they play in cancer! In some autistic individuals, autism may be caused due to a single powerful deterministic gene. Whereas in other autistic individuals, a combination of genes and the developmental process is responsible for causing autism.

What is the most common risk factor for autism?

A sibling with autism is the most common risk factor for autism. If you have an older sibling with autism, your chance of getting autism is 20× more than someone with no autistic person in their family! Prematurity and prenatal medication are also two very common risk factors.